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How To Stop Cat Scratches On Furniture Without Declawing

How To Stop Cat Scratches On Furniture Without Declawing

Furniture is expensive, so it’s understandable we all like to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible. Unfortunately, our cat companions often have different ideas about how they should treat our prized seating arrangements.

It’s easy to think of your pets as evil demons out to get you when you see your beautiful lounge shredded to pieces, but this is not the case at all. Cat scratching is an instinctual, natural behavior cat experts believe serves a variety of purposes, including:

● Keeping claws strong, sharp, and healthy
● Exercise
● Stress relief
● Marking their territory

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Declawing Alternatives to Stop a Cat From Destroying Your Furniture?

In short, just like humans need to vent on occasion, your cats need to scratch, and they will use the most convenient location to do so. Unfortunately, the side of your couch is a very tempting outlet for your furry friend to relieve stress, warn other cats away, or do a bit of stretching after a good lie down.
Declawing Alternatives to Stop a Cat From Destroying Your Furniture?

A deterrent spray is one declawing alternative cat owners can use to save their furniture from destruction. However, it’s not the best solution to use on its own. If you persuade your furry friend to avoid specific locations with a pet spray, they will find somewhere else to relieve their stress or mark their territory. Unless you are prepared to spray every piece of furniture, scratch deterring spray is not the most efficient method.

Scratching posts might be an option, but you will likely go through much trial and error installing them in different locations before you land on one your cat will prefer over your couch. And be prepared to purchase more than a few scratching posts because cats are fussy creatures and won’t be interested in most. Your furniture will bear the brunt of scratching while you continue your futile search for a scratching post they will like.

Declawing is also not an option for many cat owners, as it is considered an extreme measure that may result in unpredictable and undesirable behavior in your pet. Fortunately, there are declawing alternatives that allow your cat to continue with its natural habits while keeping your furniture safe.

Whatever declawing alternatives you use, there is very little chance you will control your cat’s scratching altogether. However, there are ways you can live together in peace and harmony without cluttering your house with scratching posts, constantly dealing with sprays, or permanently maiming your beloved pet.


Couch Guard – The Best Furniture Protector for Cat Scratching

Couch Guard is an easy-to-use, discreet surface you can install on your cat’s favorite furniture for scratching. It’s transparent, self-adhesive, easy-to-apply, and won’t damage your couch when you remove it.

When you notice your cat taking an unhealthy interest in a piece of furniture, simply apply Couch Guard over the vulnerable area. Your pet won’t get any satisfaction with its ineffective scratching because their claws will slide right off the tough, slippery surface, and they will move on.

If your cat decides to find another target other than their human-designated scratching area, more Couch Guard can be applied until they get the idea. You can also re-use Couch Guard at least once, which makes it a very affordable solution.

Couch Guard has proven itself an effective furniture protector for cat scratching on many different materials, even leather, and its surface area is two times larger than competing brands. It’s the humane declawing alternative that will save your furniture and your pet.

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