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3 Essential Cat Accessories to Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture

3 Essential Cat Accessories to Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture

Cats are easy-going animals that can pretty much look after themselves. However, there are a few things you will need to make living with them more convenient and easier on your furniture.

When you have sorted out your kitten’s eating arrangements, here are a few more items you should consider before giving your new furry flat mate free rein around your home.

KittyTrimmer Reckless Cat


Nail trimming is one cat chore that is necessary but not exactly enjoyable for you or your pet, but there are tools like the Kittytrimmer that can at least make it quick and painless.

There are some excellent reasons to trim a kitty’s claws, and it’s not just to protect furniture from cats.

Some cat breeds are prone to cuddles with their owners and like to knead you before settling down. You love bonding with your cat, but not so much those sharp tips poking into your skin.

Untrimmed cat claws can also make life difficult for your cat should their sharp claws get caught in the piles of your fabric furniture. Sharp nails can be damaged during the cat’s efforts to escape the entanglement of your plush carpet, which can lead to a painful wound and a risk of infection.

You can’t always keep cats from scratching furniture, but you can at least minimize the damage they can do by regularly trimming their claws. Rather than whisk your cat off to yet another expensive pet grooming service, the Kittytrimmer turns you into a professional nail trimmer in your own home.

Some nail trimmers are challenging to use and can result in injury. The Kittytrimmer removes all the risk with its cutting-edge diamond grinding surface that is fast and efficient. It’s also quiet, so it won’t startle a nervous cat.

The Kittytrimmer is portable and rechargeable via USB and comes with a training manual that quickly turns you into an expert nail trimmer.

Cat Scratching Board

No force in nature will keep cats from scratching furniture if they can get away with it. If you want to protect furniture from cats’ claws and keep your décor intact, you need to give them an alternative outlet for this natural instinct.

Cats love the Cat Scratching board, a textured surface that gives them a place to exercise their claws and clean their feet pads.

It’s big enough to accommodate a full-grown cat, so it can provide a satisfying full body rub that will curb their desire to rub up against furniture legs and leave fur behind on your freshly cleaned office pants.

Cat Scratching Boards are created from 100% corrugated cardboard that is fully recyclable. Both sides are usable, which will give you double the useful life out of each unit.

Couch Guard – Sticky Furniture Protector

You can keep cats from scratching furniture but only through persistent training. However, before they fully learn the error of their ways, they can quickly make you your reupholsterer’s next favorite customer.

While you are in training mode with your new kitten, you can help turn them off destroying your couch upholstery with a handy cat accessory called the Couch Guard.

Couch Guard is a scratch-resistant surface that will stick to your furniture wherever you find your cat loves to scratch. Cats’ claws will slide right off the slick surface, leaving your kitty completely unsatisfied with the experience.

When your cat learns they can’t scratch the furniture, they will move on to something on which they can exercise their claws, such as a conveniently placed Cat Scratching Pad.

The Couch Guard has a transparent surface that won’t mess up your décor, and each piece can be reused several times before needing replacement. Plus, it sticks to almost anything, including leather and fabric.

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