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3 Cat Products Every Indoor Cat Parent Needs

Essential Products For Indoor Cat Parents

Every cat owner needs a few accessories to make living with their pet more convenient, safer, and healthier. Here are just a few of our favorite cat items we think every cat person should have around their home.

Reckless Cat Couch Guard

Cat Furniture Protector

Cats will scratch. If they could tell you, they would have quite a few excuses as to why your valuable furniture now looks like a reject from a second-hand store.

Cat scratching is even more frustrating when you have provided your pets with a perfectly good scratching pole they continue to ignore.

Unfortunately, your feline friend has many different reasons for scratching and will pop out their claws wherever it’s convenient. Unfortunately, your beautiful couch may become a prime target after a good lay down by a sunny window.

You can protect your furniture without sacrificing its good looks with Couch Guard, the latest in cat furniture protection.

Couch Guard is a couch furniture protector for sofas, couches, wooden chairs, walls, and doors. Secure it around table legs with twist pins or attach it to the sides of leather couches without harming the furniture.

Unlike other cat furniture protector accessories, Couch Guard is suitable for all furniture types around the house, does not require assembly, and does not intrude on your décor.

The flexible film creates a durable surface for sharp claws to slide right off. Pretty soon, your cat will get frustrated and move on, most likely to the scratching post you so generously provided.

FurBowl Orthopedic Cat Feeder

Elevated Cat Feeding Bowls

When cats eat from floor level, their posture can push their stomachs too far toward their chest. In some breeds, especially flat-faced varieties, the misalignment can create digestive issues.

If you notice your feline is not eating properly or is vomiting for no apparent reason, feeding out of a bowl on the floor may be causing their problems.

You can improve your cat’s posture and solve their digestive issues by using an elevated cat bowl at feeding time.

The FurBowl Orthopedic Cat Feeder is a straightforward design that holds your pet’s bowls at an optimal height. It won’t upset their posture or digestion, is easy to clean, light, and sturdy enough to use anywhere.

Reckless Cat Window Perch

Cat Window Perch

Besides a decent stretch and a scratch of your good furniture, cats love nothing more than to lounge by a sunny window.

If you have had enough of cleaning up fur from your window-side furniture, or you just want your furry friend to have a more comfortable nap than they can get on hard wooden furniture, a cat window perch may be just the thing.

These handy space-saving cat items are basically hammocks for cats and quickly attach to the window using strong suction cups and wire supports. The material breathes to keep your slumbering feline a lot more comfortable than they would be stretched out on top of the bookcase.

With a cat furniture protector, elevated cat feeder, and a cat window perch, you have a lot of your bases covered for you and your pet to enjoy your time together. However, make sure you visit our webstore for even more options.

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